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  • The Unofficial AGG Homepage: Scripts, bloopers, links, photographs and more
  • Sullivan's Anne 3 Site: Although Anne 3 is not quite what I consider a true adaptation, this site offers a fantastic discussion board. Now that they updated the site, it's even better; including the first two (and far superior) movies.
  • The Blue Castle, Rainbow Valley and Emily of New
    by Hank Stinson
  • Anne of Green Gables the Musical: This buoyant musical is in its 37th season on PEI! Learn about it here.

  • Becky's Unofficial Emily of New Moon Webpage: This television series aired on CBC for four years. It was filmed entirely on PEI. Becky has a nice site dedicated to the series. It seems to be the only one left :-(

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    "I'll never forget the days of my youth. When the waves rippled between my toes, taking the pink and silver grains of sand back out to the depths of the sea. There was a peace then; an indescribable feeling of imortality in the eb and flow of the tide, and the seemingly endless streatch of beach and sky. Now as I gaze out upon those same sparkling waters, I realize that youth is never left behind, but is carried always, gently, in the heart."

    Hetty King from her novel "My Home is the Island"... Momento Mori

    Offical Sites

  • Sullivan Entertainment's official AvonleaPage


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    General Fan Pages

  • The Magic Lantern Avonlea Guide:So well done, it's one of my favorites. My favorite section is the episode descriptions, which are informative, comprehensive and include intellegent analysis and opinions. The "Explore Avonlea" section is also nifty, as is the "Behind the Scenes" feature. It's a fun way to spend half an hour :)
  • The Kindred Twins Lighthouse in the Garden (currently down for restructuring) :by the inimitable Kindred Twins; Explore their lighthouse home, try Amber's challenging Avonlea quizes, take a look at her lovely PEI travel photos, read their fan fiction and more. If this site ever appears, I'll eat my hat! That's what!
  • Zsolst's RTA Site: Now called The Golden Road to Avonlea, it has lots of unique Avonlea photos, some goodies rescued from Disney's old RTA site, screen caps, and video clips of AvCon 2004
  • Avonlea.tv: (formerly known as The World of Avonlea and Remebering the Road to Avonlea) ~ by Janet Cutchins. Lots of java script and flash now included on this beautiful site, as well as some sound clips and surveys, html text of the The Story Girl, games, and other exciting features. I always look forward to her updates. That girl is very creative with flash!
  • The Definitive Road to Avonlea :a page with a lot of basic info on episodes and videos
  • Little Bear'sRoad to Avonlea in Japan: interesting with lots of pictures
  • Seema's Top Ten Reasons Gus Loves Felicity: very funny :)... and written by one of the sweetest people I know! My favorite part about this site is the fact that she promises she'll update her site, then jokes "check back in the year 2000". LOL!
  • Jamie and Chelsea's Avonlea
  • Avonlea Quotes: Very stylish page with lots of favorite Avonlea quotes divided into catagories.
  • Shelly's Avonlea: This site keeps getting better. A little bit of everything: This site includes fan fiction, an Avonlea Drinking Game, a page about Zach Bennett, the "Free Cecily" movement and much more. Some very unique features; refreshing.
  • Road to Avonlea: I love the feel of this site from Iceland. I think it's the Jasper and Olivia section that won me over. She has some very high quality, unique Avonlea jpgs and a fun multiple choice Avonlea quiz.
  • Journeying the Road to Avonlea: Actor info, pictures, sets.
  • Avonlea Adventures in Roleplay: Avonlea Survivor, an Avonlea Map, ect for the members of an Avonlea Roleplay Group. Cool layout.
  • Avonlea Crossroads: A fun site with many features, including Avonlea games, quizzes and actor memorials.
  • Our Avonlea: The site includes character bios, pictures of the Avonlea set, info on PEI history, and more.
  • Avonlea Crossroads: Various fun features all about Avonlea
  • Neighbors of Avonlea: Character summeries, pictures, links and more
  • The Road to Avonlea, A pretty site about Avonlea. Includes an "Anne's Theme" midi playing in the background.
  • Avonlea: Sullivan's first Avonlea site, archived. Recipes, reflections, and a final season "sneak preview". Ahh, brings back memories of the old days.



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